Deck and Step Lights in Anne Arundel County

Reinvigorate Your Space with Deck and Step Lights

Step Lights in Anne Arundel CountyDo you have lofty dreams of a stunning outdoor entertaining space? Perhaps you envision flowing canopies, custom tables, and gorgeous twinkling lights. If you’ve been brainstorming design ideas for your deck, allow Arundel Irrigation to help. We specialize in landscape lighting, as well as lawn irrigation, and can make your dreams a reality. Deck and step lighting give your outdoor space new life, opening up countless opportunities for throwing parties outside or just having a quiet dinner outdoors with your family. When you partner with Arundel Irrigation, your Pasadena, MD home will be one for the books. Learn more about deck and step lights and how they can improve your back or front yard space.

A Wide Array of Options for Deck Lights

Deck lighting encompasses numerous types of lighting fixtures, all used on and around your deck. You might install lights along a hand rail to promote safety, or you might choose to install lights directly into the floor of the deck. Some of our customers love hanging string lights over their table, while others prefer to get most of their light from fixtures installed between slats in the siding. Whatever creates the look you’re going for, rest assured the landscape lighting professionals at Arundel Irrigation can get the job done!

Choose Step Lights to Increase Curb Appeal and Safety

When you think of step lights, you might think of a dark movie theater. On each step, there exists a small light meant to keep patrons from tripping up or down the stairs. Now, you can get a similar look and function for your own home. If you have stairs up to your deck, be sure to consider installing step lights. These lights not only create a safer environment, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor entertaining space. Talk to the experts at Arundel Irrigation to learn which shape and size are best for your property.

Why Invest in Deck and Step Lighting?

Wooden Deck and Step Lights in Anne Arundel CountyPremier deck lights are an excellent investment. For one, they can significantly up the curb appeal and aesthetic value of your home. Not only will you enjoy looking at your new-and-improved deck, but your guests will be wowed at the detail of your designs. Whether you’re looking for only a few lights to illuminate a small space, or several fixtures to light up your entire backyard, our landscape lighting experts are up for the job.
Plus, if you decide to sell your Pasadena home down the road, you may get a significant return on your investment!

Explore Your Design Choices with Arundel Irrigation

Once you’ve decided deck and step lighting are for you, now comes the fun part—design! Your design options are nearly endless, and we can take care of almost any layout you can dream up. The team at Arundel Irrigation will work with you directly to understand your preferences. Those, combined with our expertise, will leave you with a deck to remember. You’ll have your pick of finishes, shapes, sizes, and even color in many cases.

Pick Low Voltage Options to Keep Costs Down

At this point, you might be getting concerned about your energy bill. With so many additional lighting fixtures, you may be able to feel your bill skyrocketing already. While outdoor lighting is often associated with this extra cost, it doesn’t have to be that way. At Arundel Irrigation, we offer low-voltage lighting systems for all of our landscape lighting. Using this technology, you can illuminate as much of your property as possible without breaking the bank. Low-voltage deck and step lights use significantly less energy than their counterparts, meaning lower expenses for you in the long run.

Here for You, Even After the Installation

Have you started envisioning your outdoor dinner parties and family get-togethers? A new-and-improved deck is the first step to creating an exceptional outdoor atmosphere. Arundel Irrigation is your expert in landscape lighting, including fixtures for decks and steps. We don’t skimp on quality, nor do we compromise on customer service. Our technicians are experienced and committed to adhering to the highest standards of service. Not only can we complete installation and help with design, but we’ll also be there for all your maintenance needs. We’re a lighting and irrigation company dedicated to keeping your costs down while maximizing our quality of work. Ready to get started designing your landscape lighting? Contact us today!

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