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Illuminate Your Property with Path and Area Lights

Path & Area Landscape Lights in Anne Arundel CountyDoes your property have several dark patches? Are you worried about walking up to your dark driveway at night? You can put your concerns to rest with path and area lights! Pasadena, MD home and business owners love adding this special touch to their property for many reasons. Arundel Irrigation is here to help with the landscape design and installation processes. Our team is made up of experts in landscape lighting and lawn irrigation, and we’re always happy to share our expertise. We’re skilled in all phases of installation, from the initial brainstorming phase to completing crucial maintenance tasks after your lighting system is up and running. Don’t walk in the dark again when you could have path and area lights from Arundel Irrigation. Learn more about our low-voltage, high-quality products, and services.

Defining Path and Area Lights

What exactly do we mean when we say path and area lights? Of course, these lights are meant to light up pathways and larger areas of your lawn. In contrast to other types of lighting systems, these units point downward to illuminate your path as you walk along with it. Most models also have a glare guard or a shade around the edges to keep the path lights from shining into your eyes. While these lights aren’t your best bet for illuminating your home itself, they are an exceptional choice for lighting your way.

Why Path and Area Lights May Be the Best Choice for You

Home and business owners choose path and area lights for numerous reasons. Most cite a particular aesthetic as their top reason. You can evoke many different feelings with exceptional landscape design, including serenity, comfort, and awe. Many of our customers choose this type of light for safety purposes. Your driveway or entryway may be full of branches, loose gravel, and other things you could trip on. You can avoid tripping and falling when your path is well-lit. Good lighting may also be a deterrent to potential burglars. You’ll be able to see who is coming up the path to your home or business and be able to alert the authorities if necessary. No matter why you choose to install path and area lights, they’re certainly a good investment!

Decide How Many Lights You Need

Now that you’ve decided on this lighting system to illuminate your property, you’ll need to determine how many you need. Arundel Irrigation is here to help you choose a number when it comes to lighting your path. To begin, we’ll talk about your goals for your landscape lighting. Do you want to illuminate the whole path or area, or do you only need a few pools of light? If you’re going for continuous light, you’ll need more fixtures than if you’re happy with a few spots of light spaced out. As a general rule, you should use the path distance and beam spread of your lights to determine how many you’ll need. The professionals at Arundel Irrigation are always happy to help you calculate just how many fixtures it will take to cover your whole path or area.

Consider All Your Design Options

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to design as well. You can choose from one-sided or zigzag designs along your pathway. Most homeowners choose staggered patterns for their path lights, but that doesn’t mean a one-side approach won’t work for you! You’ll also need to choose from several different finishes. We offer all kinds of options, from brass to copper to aluminum. With so many beautiful choices, this can be a challenging decision. If you encounter any problems making design decisions, Arundel Irrigation is always ready to help. Many members of our team are landscape design experts and can assist you in making your final choices.

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No matter why you’re looking into path and area lights, Arundel Irrigation is your authority on the subject. We’ve served Pasadena, MD for nearly 30 years, and in that time, we’ve provided quality products and world-class customer services to all who come to us for help. We specialize in all kinds of landscape lighting, as well as lawn irrigation. We’re excited to partner with you when it comes to enhancing your curb appeal and increasing the security of your property. Contact our team today and ask for a free estimate!

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