Install Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Anne Arundel County

Low Voltage Landscape Lights

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in Anne Arundel CountyThe most common voltage for outdoor commercial or residential lighting is 12 volts, known as low voltage outdoor lighting. Commercial and residential properties use 120V plugs for standard use and 240V for larger appliances and equipment. In order to install low voltage outdoor lighting, you need a transformer that can convert the standard voltage into 12V power. The reason you should use low voltage lighting outdoors is that there is a much lower risk of electrical shock, electrical fires, and electrocution, even when lights are used underwater or in water features. At Arundel Irrigation, we have decades of experience installing low voltage landscape lighting in Anne Arundel County. Call us today to schedule a consultation for the installation of landscaping lights or low voltage outdoor lighting.

What Is Low Voltage Lighting?

Low voltage lighting is simply an outdoor lighting system that operates on a much lower voltage than standard residential or commercial electrical systems. Most electrical systems operate on 120 volts, and certain appliances or equipment require a higher voltage system like 240 volts. Your home or business may have a few 240V plugs installed to power things like a washing machine and dryer, HVAC system, generator, air compressor, or other high-power appliances. However, your landscape lighting and outdoor security lighting systems do not need standard or high voltage power supplies. Using higher voltage lines outside is more dangerous because they are exposed to the elements, animals, and other factors that could damage the system and increase the risk of electrocution or an electrical fire.

Benefits of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Installing low voltage lighting is much safer because you won’t need to work with dangerous electrical wiring that could shock or electrocute you. Your outdoor lighting system will be safer, more energy-efficient, and more durable because it has a lower voltage flowing through it. The biggest benefits of installing low voltage outdoor lighting and low voltage landscape lighting are:

  • Much lower risk of electric shock, electrocution, and electrical fires.
  • More durable and less likely to be affected by the elements.
  • Safer to install and use.
  • Cost-effective and affordable, especially when used with LED lighting.
  • Improves the appearance, value, and safety of your property.
  • Can be customized to meet the needs of any architecture or landscaping layout.
  • Can be installed on buildings, homes, pathways, driveways, parking lots, trees, landscaping, gardens, steps and stairs, decks and patios, pools and spas, water features, garages, roofs, entryways and exits, and more.
  • Can be safely used in areas that have automatic sprinkler systems or irrigation systems installed.
  • Bulbs and lighting fixtures are less expensive to purchase, repair, and maintain.
  • When using LED bulbs, your lighting fixtures can last up to 50,000 hours or more.
  • You can take advantage of thousands of different styles, designs, and types of lighting fixtures and effects.

Our Process for Low Voltage Pathway Lighting Installation

We specialize in low voltage outdoor lighting for homes and businesses. We can install low voltage lights on buildings, gazebos, decks, patios, stairs and steps, pools and spas, water features, gardens, landscaping, trees, pathways and walkways, driveways, garages, parking lots, and more. When you contact our team of experts for lighting installation, we will start with a site visit to evaluate the size and scope of the job. We will discuss your vision for the completed project, goals, and budget. We will then go over options for low voltage outdoor lighting. We will draw up a lighting design for you to review before the installation begins. If your property does not already have a transformer installed, we will take care of the necessary permitting and installation of the transformer. While installing your outdoor lighting, we will work efficiently to minimize the disruption to your daily routine. When complete, we will fully test the system and go over operation, care, and maintenance with you.

Low Voltage Garden Lights Maintenance

Care and maintenance will extend the lifespan of your low voltage lighting and reduce the chances of damage or disrepair. After we complete installation, we will go over how to properly care for and maintain your low voltage landscape lights. The most important tips to follow are:

  • Regularly walk around your home or business to inspect the lights for signs of damage.
  • Replace bulbs as soon as you notice they are damaged or inoperable.
  • Check your lighting systems after storms or inclement weather.
  • Keep plants and branches away from the lights.
  • Look for damaged or exposed wires or cables.
  • Adjust the position of the fixtures as needed.

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Call us today or contact us online to schedule a consultation for low voltage outdoor lighting in Anne Arundel County. At Arundel Irrigation, our team is licensed, insured, and has extensive experience in lighting design, installation, maintenance, and repairs. We will work closely with you to design a lighting system that works for your budget, goals, and overall vision for your home or business. In addition to outdoor lighting installation, we also specialize in landscape irrigation and sprinkler systems, drainage services, and irrigation repairs, service, and maintenance.

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