Landscape Irrigation in Anne Arundel County

You deserve a beautiful landscape. You have spent your hard-earned time and money creating a gorgeous yard with the perfect shrubs and flowers. You work hard to keep your lawn free of crabgrass and dandelions so that it is lush and green. But maintaining that beautiful landscape can be a challenge. You can’t control the Maryland weather, which, unfortunately, does not always work in your landscape’s favor. Plants and grasses that don’t receive enough moisture will start to brown and wither while those pesky weeds flourish, ruining the lush, healthy look of your landscape. During the summer, hot weather and infrequent rain are hard on your lawn and shrubbery. Hot temperatures make it difficult to manually provide the necessary amount of water your plants need to stay healthy and beautiful. That is where Arundel Irrigation can help.

Our landscape irrigation service handles irrigation installation and repairs for both commercial and residential properties. Whether you desire to have the best garden on the block or the best-watered golf course in the county, we’ve got you covered.

Lush Green Grass Landscape in Anne Arundel County

In-ground sprinkler systems

Did you know an in-ground sprinkler system can conserve water, save time and money, and more evenly water your lawn? Many people think sprinklers waste our most precious resource but, in fact, they can actually conserve water by using a set amount and starting and stopping on a timed schedule. Manually watering your lawn is time-consuming and it’s difficult to water evenly, which can negatively affect the look of your lawn. One half is lush and green, while the other is sparse with brown undertones.

Irrigation services

We service both commercial and residential customers, tailoring our irrigation systems to meet your individual needs. Specific irrigation services offered include:

· Commercial irrigation

· Residential irrigation

· Lawn care irrigation

· In-ground sprinklers

Using the best technology and innovative strategies, we create irrigation systems that are effective in keeping your landscape beautiful, while being sensitive to water use. An old or damaged system can waste water and unevenly hydrate your lawn. We understand your environmental concerns and always keep efficiency a priority. We can also do repairs to make the best of your existing system, which can conserve water and save you money in the long run.

Our professionals will use their expert experience to provide you with the irrigation services that will best fit your individual needs. For efficient, lasting, and affordable irrigation services, turn to the Maryland experts at Arundel Irrigation.

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