Spot and Flood Lights in Anne Arundel County

Spot and Flood Lights in Anne Arundel County

Interested in Spot or Flood Lights for Your Pasadena Home?

Everyone wants to curb appeal they can be proud of. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or planning to improve the aesthetic of your business, there are few better ways than through lighting. Landscape lighting takes your property to the next level, giving that extra wow factor sure to make neighbors jealous. As you look for lighting solutions, be sure to talk to the experts at Arundel Irrigation. We’re Pasadena, MD’s authority on landscape design and lawn irrigation, and we have lots of ideas for your outdoor space. Our team has installed small, decorative lighting fixtures, as well as larger projects to illuminate an entire deck and entertaining space. No matter your vision for your lawn, we can make it a reality. Spot and flood lights are among our top sellers for homeowners and business owners alike. Learn more about how these lighting systems can enhance your property.

Identifying the Difference Between Spot and Flood Lights

Let’s start with the difference between spot lights and flood lights. Although they’re often grouped together, these types of lighting aren’t interchangeable and may be used to illuminate very different areas. Flood lights typically have a beam spread of 120 degrees. This means flood lights have the potential to light a tremendous amount of space with just one light and the same amount of wattage as a spot light. On the other hand, spot lights are designed to light a much smaller space, usually only covering about 45 degrees. Spot lights are also easier to focus on just one particular object.

Which is the Best Choice for Me?

While spot and flood lights are both used to illuminate certain objects or areas, their applications are quite different. You might use a spot light to emphasize one thing, such as a painting, intricate architectural details, or signs. You’ve probably seen a bright sign outside a theater, listing all the acts that will be featured that night. This is an excellent example of a spot light in action. Flood lights, in contrast, might be used to light a large area. Driveways and parking lots commonly use flood lights as a safety precaution. You might also see flood lights illuminating a stage or lighting up the façade of an entire home or commercial building.

Incorporating Spot and Flood Lights into Your Design

The type of lighting for you depends on what you’re planning to illuminate. Some situations are straightforward. If you have a dark pathway, you want a flood light, whereas you’ll be better off with a spotlight if you want to focus on parts of your garden. But what happens when the design isn’t so apparent? Perhaps you need a combination of spot lights and flood lights, or you can’t decide between the two. If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, Arundel Irrigation is here to help. We’re experts in landscape lighting design, and we’ll help you explore your options. We take into account your ideas and add in our expertise, making for some of the best landscape design in Pasadena, MD.

Go Low-Voltage to Save Money and Hassle

What sets Arundel Irrigation apart from the competition? We only install the highest quality low-voltage lighting systems that compromise on neither aesthetic nor cost. Many home and business owners are worried about utility bill increases after installing outdoor lighting. This is a valid concern, and low-voltage lighting is an excellent way to minimize those costs. They cost significantly less to operate without losing out on beautiful lighting throughout your property. Plus, they’re easier to install, meaning you’ll enjoy your outdoor space sooner.

Invest in Spot or Flood Lights Today

If the spot or flood lighting sounds like the design solution for you, talk to the team at Arundel Irrigation. We’re Pasadena, MD’s experts in landscape lighting, and we’ll help you decide on a system in no time. We’ve been in business since 1990, and at that time, we’ve built a reputation for reliability and premier products. Whether you need a lighting system overhaul, a few new fixtures, or a couple of minor repairs, we’re your go-to. Don’t compromise expense for aesthetic! You can have it all with Arundel Irrigation. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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