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Why Choose LED Landscape Lights from Arundel Irrigation

Home improvement isn’t always easy. You have to consider cost and space constraints, all while looking for décor that matches your aesthetic. As you work on enhancing your curb appeal and backyard, be sure to consider adding LED landscape lighting. LED lights come with numerous benefits, including countless design options. However, it’s often a challenge to account for all of your options. Here’s were Arundel Irrigation comes in. Our Pasadena, MD team is highly experienced in all facets of landscape lighting and lawn irrigation, and we’re excited to help you. Not sure of the benefits of LED landscape lighting? Read more on the advantages you’ll get as a result of this cutting-edge technology.

Defining LED Landscape Lighting

Before we get into the benefits, let’s talk about just what we mean by LED lighting. LED stands for light-emitting diode. This type of lighting is known for its incredible lifespan as well as its quality of illumination. You might choose an integrated LED lighting fixture, which means the light source and fixture are one and the same. No more purchasing the bulb separately from the fixture! LED lighting is especially convenient for outdoor lighting systems, where you might not have time to continuously replace burnt-out bulbs.

Unmatched Durability for Your Landscape Lighting

Arguably, durability is one of the most important aspects of landscape lighting. It has to withstand both humid Maryland summers and frigid winters. Because LED bulbs are often integrated with their fixtures, moisture stays out of the system. In addition, LED lighting is built to stand up to shock and vibrations, and rarely break upon impact. Because of their enhanced durability, LED lighting has the potential to last for years on end. Some fixtures can last up to 20 years, even when running eight hours every night.

Stop Hassling with Maintenance—Choose LED

You might be thinking it takes a lot of maintenance to keep LED lighting so durable. Fortunately, this isn’t the case! LED landscape lighting is known for its low-maintenance, low-hassle nature. You won’t need to replace bulbs frequently, and you won’t need to invest in expensive repair work. Plus, you can run multiple lights from just one power cord, meaning you’ll have the advantage of maximum lighting without a confusing jumble of cords. Not only are LED lights functional, but they’re also built to last.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

If you’re concerned about skyrocketing utility bills, LED lighting is the way to go. These lights use about 70% less electricity than other models on the market, meaning operating them is cheaper even when you have multiple fixtures. If you’re environmentally conscious, LED lighting is your best bet as well. These lighting systems are made without toxins such as mercury and are fully recyclable. When you consider their long lifespan, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness, you see how the savings add up!

Keep Unwanted Visitors at Bay

LED lighting also offers benefits when it comes to safety and security. A well-lit home or backyard is a deterrent to potential burglars, and you’ll be able to identify those who approach your home before they get to your door. However, unwanted visitors aren’t the only things LED landscape lighting can reduce. This type of lighting system also keeps pests and insects away from your property. Whether you’re interested in deterring criminals or bugs, LED lighting is an excellent solution.

Take Advantage of Flexible Design Options and Beyond

What really draws home and business owners to LED lighting is its flexibility. It can be used to realize nearly countless designs, from underwater lighting to deck fixtures. You don’t need to worry about exposing the lights to the elements, as LED units are protected with plastic shells that keep moisture from coming into contact with an electrical current. Once your landscape lighting is installed, you have flexibility there as well. Some LED units allow you to change the brightness and amount of light emitted from the fixture. With LED landscape lighting, you have maximum control over the outdoor lighting throughout your property, whether you use it to light your path or accentuate architectural features.

Learn More About LED Landscape Lighting from Our Staff

No matter what kind of landscape lighting you need, LED is among your best options. These lights are ideal for underwater features, as well as creating beautiful outdoor entertaining areas. They’re reputation for durability and low-maintenance make them exceptional choices for lighting all of your outdoor spaces, even though the Pasadena, MD winters. As you look into your LED options, talk to the experts at Arundel Irrigation. We’ve worked with countless home and business owners in towns throughout Maryland, designing premier landscape lighting. Regardless of your needs, Arundel Irrigation has the solutions you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more about LED lighting for your landscape.

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