Examples of our Expert Irrigation Services in Anne Arundel County

At Arundel Irrigation, we provide expert irrigation services to residential and commercial properties in Pasadena and across Maryland. From small backyards, to expansive golf courses, we’ve taken care of the landscape irrigation needs for all types of properties. After spending your hard-earned time and money creating a gorgeous yard, you deserve an easy way of maintaining your landscape.

Arundel Irrigation can give your property a stunning transformation that leaves it healthier, greener, and thicker. By using the best technology and innovative strategies, we create irrigation systems that maintain the beauty of your landscape, while being mindful of your water use. We understand your environmental and energy concerns, which is why efficiency of resources is always a top priority. We also perform repairs to your current system to improve its performance, which can result in conserving water and money over time.



In-ground sprinkler systems for easy lawn maintenance

There’s a common myth that sprinkler systems waste water and money, but the truth is that you can expertly control the amount of water you use and the frequency of watering your lawn through the use of sophisticated timers and pulling from a preset volume of water. By investing in an in-ground sprinkler system, you can ensure your landscape is evenly and properly watered.

Residential lawn irrigation

We supply every time of residence with the irrigation-related services you need, from adding new sprinkler heads to repairing water pressure issues. We can help address your irrigation issues no matter what type of home you live in, including:

  • New homes
  • Existing homes
  • Subdivisions
  • Homeowners associations
  • Retirement communities

Lawn irrigation is perhaps the most commonly used irrigation system in Maryland. The right system can improve your water conservation and reduce your utility bills by implementing a convenient program for when and how to water your lawn while using only exactly what it needs. Wherever you are, whatever the size of your property, we’re happy to take on your yard’s challenge. See some examples of our work down below!

Commercial lawn irrigation

At Arundel Irrigation, we understand that your landscape makes a statement on behalf of your company, which is why we’ll provide your property with a custom-designed irrigation system tailored to your needs. In the past, we’ve worked with companies such as Target, Costco, and Camden Yards to provide the exact system they needed and where they needed it. We’ve also partnered with a variety of hotels, golf courses, and doctors’ offices to help them make a statement with their landscapes. See examples of how we’ve helped these companies in the gallery below.

Our value to you

Arundel Irrigation is a locally owned and operated company dedicated to quality services and customer satisfaction. Since we stated our business in 1993, we’ve taken great care in only selecting lawncare personnel who align with our values and can provide you the best service possible.

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